Lemonade Day, because Success begins Young.


Lemonade Day, teaches youth new skills

On May 11, 2013, young entrepreneurs across the country will be setting up their lemonade stands and begin selling lemonade at locations across the country.  Many talented kids will be participating on Lemonade Day, including the Knudson Brothers, who have proudly registered to represent the Fairbanks North Star Borough.  Lemonade Day is a National Program for kids across America to learn entrepreneurial skills to empower the youth to become strong future leaders.

Lemonade Day was launched in Houston, Texas in 2007, by founder Michael Holthouse, who had a visualization to endow today’s youth to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs through building a National Program to assist youngsters to start, own and operate their very own business…a lemonade stand.  Lemonade Day started with only 2,700 kids in a single city to 150,000 kids in 36 cities across America and Canada. Now, through a partnership with Google, Lemonade Day will bring this groundbreaking involvement to 1 million kids in 100 cities across America, embarking on a scale that will inspire kids to work hard and make a profit and start by registering for Lemonade Day to build their business skills.

After registration, many kids will be picking up a back pack and begin a strategic 14-step process that will educate on how to bring a dream into a business plan, then to a real life business and will instill principles required to launch any big company.  During the 14-step process, the Knudson Brothers will begin planning on Friday and they will be recruiting other kids to join their stand.

Also, the Knudson Brothers have already decided on the name of their stand which is, Knudson Brothers Lemonade Stand.  They will be working on creating a logo, research, testing and practicing to refine their product.   In addition, to negotiating a location, gather investors, and acquire financial skills along the way.  As America was developed through the hard work of small businesses, today’s youth will be encouraged through mentorship, commitment and real world experience.   The Knudson Brothers, as well as all the kids across America will be gaining necessary skills that they will need throughout life.

These Young Entrepreneurs will take risks believing they could achieve their dreams if they worked hard, took responsibility and were good stewards of their resources.   The Knudson Brothers will discover abilities to be suited leaders and tour on an exhilarating encounter to become proficient businessman by participating in Lemonade Day.  A day they probably will never forget and will carry this experience with them for a lifetime.  For more information on Lemonade day, please visit http://alaska.lemonadeday.org


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