Dress for success

BoysRecently, the Knudson Brothers went to a Dynamic Diva meeting to present for the kids that are participating in Lemonade Day, but before they went to this meeting we had discussed dressing for success.  We went over on dressing to be presentable and to gain credibility.

The boys decided on what attire they wanted to wear to impress the Lady Business owners.  They choose a casual but nice clothing.  Robert wore his button up pinned stripe black colored top, jeans, and a nice pair of shoes while Stephan choose to wear a black and gray plaid button up with some nice jeans and shoes.  This small lesson is an essential skill for society today when venturing into an interview or business meeting.

This has already impacted there lives, because after this lesson they are more inclined to dress nice for school, which before it was not a big deal.  They take a little more effort in there everyday lives to dress for success in all aspects of there life including school.


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